Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 55/56: Fruitvale Station and Ran 1.5 Miles Nonstop

I didn't really want to watch Fruitvale Station, but there was a part of me that was thinking that there was a lesson to be learned from the movie. I had seen the trailers on TV and I like Michael B. Jordan when he was on the show, Parenthood. I didn't know Fruitvale Station was based on a true story, and I thought it was going to be a typical Hero's Journey movie. 

Thinking about Oscar Grant III's story (the main character) actually kept me up half the night thinking about police brutality in America. There are many people who are injured or die needlessly because of police carelessness. A friend of mine was shot by accident because a policeman thought she was a prowler in the neighborhood - and she was on her own property! Thankfully she lived, but what if she hadn't? Although the events are different, the bottom line is that there are police out there who are very quick to pull the trigger.

The reminder that I did get from the movie is that no matter what you say or do to protect your loved ones, if it's time to go, it's time to go...

Today I went running and didn't stop until the 1.5 mile mark! That's the farthest I've ran nonstop in years - maybe since high school? When I go running in the neighborhood, there's a small hill where I usually stop and just walk, but today I made it up that hill and just kept on going. It was interesting because after I made it up the hill, I thought I was going to be dog tired, but actually felt re-energized. I'm excited to see how far I'll go tomorrow...

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  1. Good for you and the 1.5 mile! I've got to start being consistent with exercise. Thanks for motivating me, Maria! :)