Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Update on My Firsts: Travel Adventures

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, so apologies for not checking in and keeping up with these firsts. Business has picked up for me, so I've been juggling a few projects while attempting to keep my sanity and "me" time. Also, I've been doing some traveling and busy doing "firsts" that I haven't been able to do any writing.

Some of the "firsts" I've done these past couple weeks include:

  • Sitting in VIP section at a Padres game
  • Visiting the Getty Villa in Malibu
  • Driving the Audi Q7 onto the beach
  • Drinking chocolate beer
  • Driving up Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to the Bay Area (14 hour drive total!)
  • Visiting Solvang, California
  • Visiting the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco
  • Visiting Sausalitos, California

Here are some pictures from my adventures...

 Padres vs Rockies

Courtyard at Getty Villa 

Testing the Audi Q7 on the beach Santa Monica

 Solvang, California

 Palace of Fine Arts

San Francisco Neighborhood 

View from Treasure Island in San Francisco

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